Dear CALNET Show Participants:


We have cancelled our show dates for May 16 - 17, 2020 show at the LA Equestrian Center. We will be back; the question is when and where. We have a variety of options available and we'd like your vote as we consider them.


We know two things:


·         First, we will be back at the LAEC in 2021 - this venue provides a unique and amazing experience to our riders and, as long as you all will participate, Ride On will continue hosting it at the LAEC.


·         Second, Ride On is willing, later this summer or fall, to host a free, one-day horse show in Thousand Oaks. Ride On has access to a 20-acre equestrian facility with multiple arenas, trailer parking and room for all our classes. There will be no cost at all and we will arrange a pancake breakfast and BBQ lunch of some kind - all are invited. This could become a regular event along the lines of the much-beloved Hansen Dam Kiwanis show.



It might be possible to re-schedule this year's show at the LAEC if there is demand for a two-day show. This would be more expensive all around. If there is demand for this option I can explore it with the LAEC.

For any questions, please contact Show Managers:


Bryan McQueeney  or Sara Jones External link opens in new tab or

Thank You!